3 Things To Know About VoIP Phone Services

If your company is looking for a new phone system, you may want to look into VoIP cellphones. This type of system offered a lot of great features, and it is ideal for a small business that has 5 to 100 employees. Here are three things you may wonder about this type of system. What Is VoIP? VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. This particular service uses the Internet as a way of making calls. Read More 

Protect Your Business Against Telephone Fraud

If you watch the news, you have seen stories related to yet another business who has fallen prey to an information hack. Hacks can cripple a business, quickly. Protecting your business from this type of scenario is critical. Accomplishing this requires you to understand that information hacks can occur from any angle, with telephone fraud being a high risk. Make sure you know how to protect your business from this type of attack. Read More