Protect Your Business Against Telephone Fraud

If you watch the news, you have seen stories related to yet another business who has fallen prey to an information hack. Hacks can cripple a business, quickly. Protecting your business from this type of scenario is critical. Accomplishing this requires you to understand that information hacks can occur from any angle, with telephone fraud being a high risk. Make sure you know how to protect your business from this type of attack.

Understanding Telephone Fraud

Retaining communication even when an employee is outside the office is important. Consequently, some businesses utilize a PIN system. PIN systems are basically codes that each employee uses to dial into the office phone system to retrieve or send voice messages and make calls. While a convenient service, it does come with the risk of someone illegally obtaining a PIN.

Hackers can use sophisticated systems that allow them to repeatedly dial into your system and enter different numbers until they find a PIN match. Once the wrong individual gets access to a valid PIN, the window for damage is wide open.

Telephone Fraud Risks

One of the more common risks that come along with this practice is illegal billing. Once a hacker has access to a PIN, they can use this information to make international calls from your line, leaving your business to pay the high bills.

Hackers can also use this practice to listen to private voicemails and gain access to confidential information about a deal or contract, financial transactions or personal data about a client. When hackers get access to this information, they can use it to steal client identities, illegally access your accounts or expose confidential contract information.

Protecting Your Business

Protecting your business requires a two-step approach. Require your employees to change their PIN frequently. Even if a hacker is able to gain access to their number, frequent changes prevent them from using the number long-term. You also want to communicate with your phone provider about their fraud-detection capabilities. Some providers have systems that are able to detect automated dial-ins that are continually testing numbers.

Once detected, the system will block the attempt. Some providers also monitor activity for each PIN account. For example, if a particular account suddenly begins making frequent international calls, the account manager is notified. The account manager can then review the account for any signs of fraudulent calls and quickly deactivate the PIN.

With the diligence of your employees and the advanced security techniques of your telephone provider, you can prevent an attack of telephone fraud to your business.

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